We’re the first and world leader in nutritional supplements based entirely on Seed Nutrition. Only the most powerful seeds have been selected then naturally enhanced in our unique cold-press process.

Soul combines the incredible beneficial and energy-providing nutrients found within the black cumin seed, black raspberry seed, chardonnay grape seed, and D-ribose, into one fantastically delicious 2-ounce packet. With Soul you’ll have:

  1. Increase energy, performance and stamina.
  2. Strengthen the immune system.
  3. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
  4. Improve brain function.
  5. Aid in weight reduction.
  6. Regulate organs and glands.
  7. Speed recovery and healing.
  8. Improve digestion.
  9. Decrease infection.
  10. Keep bones strong.
  11. Protect genetic material.
  12. Produce beautiful hair, skin and nails.
  13. Improve athletic performance.
  14. Reduce/ prevent inflammation.
  15. Improve cardiovascular health.
  16. Boost production of bone marrow.
  17. Fight cancer with antioxidants.
  18. Regulate blood pressure.
  19. Lower bad cholesterol.
  20. Improve vision.
  21. Anti-aging properties.
  22. Help manage and prevent Diabetes.
  23. Fight Auto-immune disorders.
  24. Calm upset stomachs.
  25. Support healthy child development.
  26. Ease PMS.
  27. Prevent hearing loss.

See how thousands across the world are improving how they feel and live with the power of Soul.

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Rain Intl. SOUL

soulpackagesYou will not find just one “magical ingredient” in SOUL – you will find a dozen. Inflammation, free-radical damage and an overall lack of essential fatty acids in our diets are 3 of the greatest threats to our health today. In one simple 2 oz. shot we give you SOUL, a small, but very powerful supplement helping improve your overall health and longevity from the inside out.

RAIN’S FLAGSHIP PRODUCT; rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants and loaded with essential fatty acids is no ordinary supplement. It is extraordinary. The proprietary blend of Black Raspberry, Black Cumin, Chardonnay Grape, and D-Ribose in SOUL help replace cell energy, have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and help support a healthy immune system. The added bonus of the powerhouse antioxidant, Resveratrol, found in the Chardonnay Grape, may also enhance heart, muscle, brain, and kidney health. It has been hailed as one of the most important anti-aging supplements ever discovered.

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Rain_Soul_SliderDid you know that MOST SEEDS make up a very small percentage of the total weight of a berry or flower, but they often contain the most potent health benefits in their tiny packages.

The foundation of all of our products at Rain Nutrition, are the seeds. We have all heard of the amazing antioxidant power in berries and herbs, but what no one has ever explained properly are the best parts of those berries… the seeds.

In SOUL, you will get the one-two punch of the Black Raspberry Seed, hailed for its immune system strengthening properties; and Black Cumin Seed, loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. While the incredible antioxidants found in both Black Cumin Seeds and Black Raspberry Seeds fight the harmful effects of free-radicals, the essential fatty acids found in the Omegas support and help repair cell membranes. The seeds are the heroes in this remarkable product. They are the storehouses of the antioxidants and when treated properly, through our cold press process, yield better results than ever imagined.

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• Rich in diverse antioxidants that reduce free-radical damage
• Loaded with essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9)
• Contains Resveratrol, hailed for its superior anti-aging properties
• Boosts Immune system
• Supports healthy heart, respiratory, liver and kidney function
• Supports proper circulatory and immune function
• Supports a system to prevent and repair free-radical damage

Rain SOUL: Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation and oxidation caused by free radicals are major sources of debilitating diseases infecting millions of people each year. Soul plays a critical role in fighting these harmful agents by providing key nutrients your body needs to be healthy and truly live a life without limits.

Rain SOUL: Fight Pain

50 nutrients have been identified as being critical for vitality and good health. Unfortunately in a world full of stress, pollution, exposure to allergens, and poor diet, many are not receiving the proper nourishment needed to combat disease. Our bodies begin to breakdown by showing signs of chronic fatigue and pain. Soul replenishes the nutrients we need to gain energy, fight pain, and reduce inflammation.

Rain SOUL: Build Energy Reservoir

Soul is sustained natural energy for both mind and body. Each 2-ounce packet infuses you with core nutrients needed for enhanced mental clarity and living an active lifestyle. Unlike other products or energy drinks, Soul contains no harmful and addictive chemicals that create temporary energy boosts or resulting crashes.

Rain SOUL: Prevents Cramping & Stiffness

Did you know optimal human physiology requires 12 vitamins, 12 minerals, 9 essential amino acids and some essential fatty acids each day? Our seeds provides these nutrients and so much more. The result is a stronger body with less pain and greater mobility to help you maintain and achieve greater physical activity.

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Cold Press

Rain nutrition employs a COLD PRESS PROCESS that removes the nutrient rich oils and flours from botanical seeds without harming their efficacy in the process. This method ensures that the nutrients in the oils and flours are preserved. Countless manufacturers use systems that require high temperatures and harsh chemicals to obtain extracts that are less effective. Rain Nutrition has taken great measures to ensure that the process used is certified organic and chemical-free. The products that Rain has created and will create over time will use only the extracts from this cold press process. This will ensure the finest possible result every time.

cold press

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